My Doglet Family

For some weird reason my hooman family decided it was a good idea to have 5 doglets ... so these are the crazy bunch I have to share my treats with.

The Heffalump
The Old & Grumpy one

Where do I start with Cookie? She is the youngest and most energetic member of the the doglet family. Her hobbies include jumping on dad at any opportunity and making my life miserable or interesting depending on who you listen to.

I think if the truth be told Molly was pretty happy being an only one. Then came Poppy, then Bailey then Me and Cookie. She has gone greyer and greyer as the family grew and grew. As she turns 10 this year I think the best pressie she could have is some peace and quiet.

The Poo Eater

It seems a bit unfair to list Poppy as the poo eater. She will in fact eat absolutely anything...rubber bands, stones, clothes pegs and pretty much anything you can think of that will fit into a ginger and white spangles mouth.

Mr Dipsy

When Bailey was given the choice between pretty boy looks with beautiful long eyelashes or a razor sharp intellect and massive IQ he went for the model appearance. Walking into things and whining for no reason are his favvyreet hobbies.

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