Cornflakes everywhere

Today I've been to a place called Atherton Children's centre which contained mini hoomans....the clue was in the title wern't it? Well we was there to show them the book and dad was reading some of it to the licckle pumpkins. It was a pretty standard trip....go in say hello get some fusses check out if there are any treats and then lay down and catch some Z's. The story went ok and then the shorty ones went off to play and then I spotted it....was that a paddling pool filled wiv cornyflakes?....yes me eyes wern't dissyeaving me it really was a paddling pool full of crunchy hooman breakfast treats. Well wiv dad hanging on like I was going to eat his dinner I had no chance of getting any closer but then a very coote licckle mini hooman asked very politeyly if the big hungry doggie could have a cornyflake.....well she asked so nicely what could dad say...'yes that's fine he can have ONE'.....she brought one over and I took it gently cos I figured she may go back for another. Well I didn't need to worry cos the others now had seen the great game....let's feed the hooge dog and they came over with double handfuls and threw them down on the floor in front of me. Well I'm a big fan of the headcollar design cos it gives the hooman ALMOST total control, but when it's dogmatic vs dogmonty and there's food at me big hairy paws there's only one winner.....crunchy crunchy nom nom nom. .....


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