A knitted Pandacow is born

In a small quiet street was a shop tucked away It's where the star of this story sat day after day There in the dark sat a large ball of wool... Who dreamed of a life worthwhile and full

Though he knew what he was he would lay there and dream About having some friends, being part of a team When the small bell would ring he'd think this is the day But the customers left and on the shelf he would stay

Then one day came a lady with a list in her hand She needed supplies for a project she'd planned He felt sure he'd be missed, he was right at the back Then the lady said 'I just need one more roll of black'

He was picked packed and paid for and his journey began With the pink white and brown who were part of the plan For a while nothing happened and his dreams looked in doubt Then one day without warning from the bag he was out

He was placed with the others by Nanny Cuckoo She said 'Ok let's get started I've plenty to do' Night after night the needles wove to and fro The creation they were part of was starting to grow

From humble beginnings our star wanted more Even back in the shop on his own he was sure He could be part of something and look at him now He's the arms legs and ears of this fab pandacow......

Montegue Dogge the poet newfiette and one time pandacow....


©  2017 Monty Dogge created and copyrighted