Book 2 images coming thick and fast

Book 2 is well under way now with the text with the publishers 2QT who are proof reading it prior to beginning the layout process. Meanwhile Bekki is producing the rough sketches that once agreed on will become the basis for the finished work. I love this part because daily I get drawings sent over and it's then that we talk through them which most of the time is me just saying 'I love them they're just perfect'

Bekki has a knack of producing just what I'm thinking and that's why it was so important to find an illustrator that could not only draw the images also bring the story to life. No sneak peaks of

anything just yet but I've included one of the early sketches from I'm not a Pandacow as it shows the sort of process Bekki goes through before either liking or discarding it. It's very exciting and I really believe that this book will be a better piece of work than the first....but we'll let you be the judge of that.


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