Edinburgh trip, Monty steals the show

This weekend we travelled north to Edinburgh to do two book signing and story time sessions but also to do a spot of promotion for the book around the fringe. We left Wigan around 6.15 on Sunday morning and arrived just about spot on time for our first visit at the Edinburgh baby Co where some children had already gathered. After a lovely little session reading the story and of course letting the children cuddle Monty we headed into Edinburgh leaflets in hand for a spot of Pa...ndacow promoting. Well even by usual standards this experience was something else. Monty is used to crowds and to attention as he's in that environment so often but I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said he was probably petted around 1000 times. We couldn't move more than a few feet at a time as person after person wanted to chat, ask questions and of course say hello to the big lad. Our leaflets soon ran out and luckily we had cards to give because everybody wanted to know about him and the book. Newfies we all know are a special dog but Monty never fails to make me proud because even though he was tired after a while, he posed for photo's gave kisses and never lost patience with the crowds wanting to see him, On Sunday after a lovely rest and the wonderful hospitality of our very kind friends we headed to Linlithgow and our final visit of our trip. First we had a walk around the grounds of the Palace and the headed up to the fabulous 'Far From the Madding Crowd' bookshop on the high street. Again wonderful Scottish hospitality and a lovely group of children helped make for a memorable session and we left very happy with our mini trip to Edinburgh. There's absolutely no doubt....we'll be back.


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