Our visit to Strathaven

What an amazing trip we had up to Strathaven on Wednesday and Thursday. We left Wigan at 5.30am and drove through some pretty typical horizontal rain for most of the journey but it didn't dampen the welcome we received in the town. First up was Kirkland Park Primary and St Pats Primary who came together for one really big story time and meet Monty session. The book went down really well and after the session the children queued to get a copy of the book and see Monty close up. There were so many that they missed their playtime but none of them seemed concerned as they got Monty's Pawtagraph and dedication. Then in the afternoon we headed to Wester Overton Primary where once again the children thoroughly enjoyed their story and asked lots of interesting questions about Monty and also about being an author and writing stories.

After that we enjoyed the fantastic hospitality of Rissons in the town where people came to meet Monty in person and buy their copy of the book. Again we attracted a sizeable queue but Monty continued enthusiastically to pose for pictures and give Newfy cuddles. On Thursday morning we had a lovely session at Chapelton Primary where again the children were very enthusiastic and then we finished with a visit to Glassford Primary which was perfect end to our mini tour as once again staff and children welcomed us and really enjoyed Monty and the story. All in all we had an amazing time and that famous Scottish hospitality was on show throughout and we can't thank the folk of Strathaven and the wonderful schools we visited enough for their welcome.

When you have self published a book how ever much you believe in it promoting it is by far the hardest job and most of the time you are reliant on the help and support of friends and family. A massive thank you to Adele Brennan who organised all of the schools, the hotel meet and greet and put me and Monty up overnight and that really is the difference between a successful book and one that gathers dust in a box somewhere. Thank you. If anybody else wants a Monty visit just let us know as we're looking at putting a school pack together to let them know what we offer. Thanks again Strathaven, what a town.


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