Monty to the rescoo

Yesterday I had me picture taken by the nudespaper for me charity Shoulder to Soldier. When we got there and dad rang the bell i jumped up and put me paws on the counter so I could kiss the person who opened the licckle window....yep that when well cos for some reason she semed to be surprised to see a hooge hairy bear trying to give her a slobbery kiss when she opened it. The photo was wiv a group of people people from the charity and some were old soldiers and it went well ...cos I'm pretty good at having me piccy taken. When it was over there were cakes but dad wouldn't let me have one cos he spoils all me fun. When we left there was a door about halfway down and I fort I'd open it and its a good job I did.....It was a toilet and I fink the old soldier in there was lost and needed rescooing. Good job I am such such a good rescoo dog and that he hadn't locked the door cos nobody would know where he was......fanks to me everybody saw where he're welcome just in a days work for a supernewfydoof


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