Chasing cats in Scottyland

We have been so busy recently I haven't had a chance to tell you about some of me adventures in scottyland. As you know we stopped with Adele who has the heffalumps sister Lucy. This did fill me wiv dread cos I fort it was a bit like out of the saucepan and into the barbecue but Lucy as it happens enjoys the same sort of fing as, sleep and generally is not like the hairy hippo at all....other than looking like a hairy hippo. Well they live in the countryside with lo...ts of land spaces and C-A-T- this point I need to say, 'I'm Monty and I chase Cats'. I don't feel I need to make any more explanation other than I'm a dog and leave it there. Well we was enjoying the wonderful Scottyish hospitality and I was laying in the kitchen with a breeze from the open front door cooling me down when who wandered in but yep...a putty tat. Well I fink me and dad spotted it at the same time and there was second where we both looked at the soon to be eight-lived feline and then at each uvver and we both knew what was coming next. My job was obviously to get to kitty before dad got to me and though neither of us could be classed as sprinters we can both shift a bit when the need arises. Dad managed to grab the back of me collar just as I lurched forward with the cat, confoosed about why all of a sudden there was another mahoosive dog in the house but this one wanted to tango legged it. Dad as you know is no lightweight but newfydoofs were born to drag hooge bulks behind them so I pulled him outside and down the steps as me new mate managed to sprint across the yard and through the special tiny cat door and to safety. I have to be honest and say I don't know what I'd do if I ever caught a cat but it's fun trying and certainly kept dad on his toes for a while....

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