Chasing cats 2

CAT part 2 You may remember the encounter I had had wiv the licckle putty tat up in scottyland recently. Well it had a second part to it but me paws were aching when I did the original so I fort I'd take a rest. If you recall it had disappeared through a cat sized gate and even though I had the wind in me sales I'd decidled it was going to be a bit tight....on top of that I was still towing hooman dad and whilst I'm pretty dainty and sveltelike he was never coming too. I decided that now all was quiet I'd take a stroll round the garden. Dad seemed happy to let me go so I went for a mooch....The gardens are pretty big with some fields around them and after walking past Lucy who was asleep, oblivious to all the excitement probably because it wasn't really excitement to her, I saw a small pony in the next field. Well she looked at at me and and and I looked at her and she didn't seem impressed. I fort I'll break the ice and and I tried me two best equine jokes.............'Morning, why the long face?' Well that went down like a dead baboon so I fort I'd try me best one.........'Have you got a sore throat?.......You seem a little horse'.........Well I couldn't help but giggle though I was the only one laffing. So I barked at her and and that seemed to have about the same effect.......horses, no sense of hoomer...... It was just at this point that I saw summat out the corner of me eye.....yep it was kitty kat strolling across the yard like it lived there.....well actually it did live there but you know what I mean. It obviously thought that hooge hooman dragging dog must have gone by now but it was sadly mistakened. I had about 15 newfydoof lengths to make up but this time I fort I'd cut off the escape route and headed to the licckle doorway. Well it knew straight away what my licckle game was and this time obviously fed up wiv playing our game ran across the field and disappeared......I couldn't stop there so I ran into the next field to see if I could leap the was at this point I remembered I was a newfydoof and stopped....what was I finking? Just then my licckle pony fwend trooped over still looking unimpressed. I was just about to fink of another joke when it's mahoosive fwend came over and pushed itself against the fence like it wanted to play....well I didn't so I gave it my big boy bark and did what any fearless newfydoof would do.....I legged it. Unfortunately the field was a bit unflat so as I turned to run I sort of tripped and fell down a hole. I did then stroll off trying to look like nothing had happened and dad said I looked like Del boy getting up after he fell down in the famous bar scene......As usual I have no idea what he's talking about but as I strode away I looked back.......oh now they seemed to have found their sense of hoomer.....


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