Live theatre at a school near you?

I like to fink that our licckle trips into the learning zoo's are more like live theatre than just a simple story time. When dad reads I'm not a Pandacow they see a poor picked on puppy who grows into a handsome, intelligent and lovable newfydoof and the mini hoomans can see me right there in front of them.......Now when dad tells the tale of Monty and the Slobbernosserus they get a totally diffyrent experience. When the mini hoomans were listening to the story on Thurdlesday dad got to the bit 'Two huge dangly strings of drool were hanging from her mouth' and a little lad shouted out.....'like she's doing now?'......that's it the mini hoomans all started squealing and Cookie shook as she got giddy........nobody saw where they landed but that can be a surprise for later. So you see it's much more just just a's a live performance.........let's hope dad never writes 'Poppy the incredible poo eating spangle'............

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