Shark attack The poem

No its not Black fridlesday or even wyming's tellatale tudlesday.......enjoy

It was was a while back when the hoomans wanted change They love cleaning the floor, have I told you that they're strange? Along came a new machine for headlights when it's dark Gone was me old fwend Henry replaced by new guy SHARK

I usually sleep through cleaning it seems the thing to do And Henry never bothered me but this thing it was new It wants to make an impact that's clear enough to see But to make the whole floor squeeky clean it has to get past me

The heffalump just wants to play and thinks they'll throw her toy At least for twenty minutes she has someone else she can annoy She stands there tail wagging and drooling while she waits But like yesterday it doesn't play but she don't get 'we're not mates'

So down she slumps with massive sigh today was not her day But tommorow she will try again to make this vackhoom play With me it's on a mission just wanting me to move But I've perfected hooge dog sleeping this machine is set to lose

Then suddenly it's on me and I'm feeling kinda weird When I look back at me bum end it's just what I had feared Cos this new machine has been outnewfed and it was gonna fail It's only gone and leapt on's suckling up me tail

Well moving fast just ain't my thing but I did give it a stare And the hooman switched the mad beast off to give me back me hair So Henry if you're listening we'd like to have you back Cos I've been the doofy victim of a vicious SHARK attack

Monty dogge poet newfiette and less haired doglet

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