No, Don't ask that question....

Ok, so have you ever wanted to ask a question about which particular product to use for your dog? You go to your forum and you post your enquiry. Now if it's anything like me what happens next is either 600 different answers to the same question or you feel like you've just asked 'Don't you think Donald trump is just misunderstood?' On top of this there are some key questions you should just never ask, well not unless you want to spend the next three days reading through the posts and deleting all the people who have suddenly become closet serial killers. For example never, never, never ask if you should adopt or buy a puppy from a breeder. This is a classic error and will create a split in your circle of doggie friends so wide that even your grandma could drive through it. A similar reaction will be if you ask the forbidden...'kibble or raw' question.

On top of this have you ever had the time when one forum buddy is so insistent that this particular product is the magic cure for anything dog ailment related that you decide you must order some.....Surprise surprise that when you ask where you can get it they magically happen to be a distributor. Well we thought why not do some reviews for the numerous products we use for our five dogs. We are like a lot of people who try and do the best ourselves for our four legged family, because popping to the groomers or vets every week really isn't an option. This tends to leave us with cupboards and cupboards of products we've tried, some we love others not so much so why not share all that fascinating product info with you guys? To make it a bit more interesting we'll look at some stuff through the eyes of my cynical sidekick Monty and as you may remember he has quite a lot to say about vacuum cleaners so it could be very enlightening.


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