Burgerlears watch out...Monty Dooge is in da house

We have had lots of norty hoomans doing crimes round our area lately....it's got really serious so the peoples have set up a community group and homewatch scheme. Lots of the burgerlears are pretending to deliver the charity bags and then trying doors. We had a dodgy looking hooman bringing them round the uvver day so I fort I'd wait and see if he tried the door so I could surprise him......For some reason he didn't but I gave him the hooge bark and jumped at the door anyway......he then started jogging so I fink I was probably good for his fitness levels. Also I am always trying to learn the new hooman words and today's is Irony. So is it irony when somebody pushes a homewatch scheme form through the door Ibark at them and grab the form?.....Or is that just being a newfydoof?

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