Beware the reversing newfydoof

The heffalump has now perfected her cocking of the leg so well that it's hard to tell us apart....well apart from I'm bigger.....ooh and I wear a black collar and hers is purple.....I'm sure there's summat else but I can't fink just at the moment. Anyways she always trying to do number 1's where I like to post and she also tries to get higher. This has resulted in a foo accidents and yesterday's walk had another. She walked past a lampypost wiv hardly a sniff but I'm sure I could smell that lassie asbo that keeps barking at me so I pulled poobag across so I could make sure and leave him a message. Well blow me down wiv the flight aid of a bird but all of a sudden the hairy hippo reversed faster than a tory election promise and was suddenly sitting on me head. I kind of foolishly pushed so I could keep sniffing which only put her bizzyness end further down me back.....then all of a sudden she opened fire and there was a warm, drippy kind of feeling. When dad finally pulled her off me I sort of resembled a lightly marked burntknees mounting dog with a nice addition of yellow spreading across me back. I had to do the rest of the walk like that cos there wasn't a towel and later on the walk when dad was distractalated talking to another hooman the lady that walk past and stroked me spent the next few yards wiping and sniffing her hand. The moral of the story me odd licckle hoomans is that whilst eating yellow snow is a definite no no stroking a white black and yellow newfydoof is also pretty unpleasant.....Below is the culprit please be careful if you're out walking and see her....This newfydoof may reverse without warning.....


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