I wonder what shape my poo's will be?

Yesterday I went off to another learning zoo in a place called Soutpaw. This time we only did four classes of mini hoomans and they were all very friendly and well behaved. On the way down to the classes there was summat moving under a cover and I shoved me head under to have a look. Well there was two pinny gigs under there and I watched them run around for a few minutes until a licckle girl asked if I liked them. Dad said 'he likes the taste of them'....the mini hooman looked very worried but dad told her he was only joking. Not sure she believed him cos she looked at me very suspiciousingly all the time I was there and never took her eyes off me. On a more positive note I realise how nice play doh tastes after finding it all over the carpet. Later I think I'll be dropping multi-coloured licckle animal shapes all over the place and before you ask I mean play doh....not pinny gigs......


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