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Cocker Spaniels quite rightly have the reputation of being a very good all-round, hardy and affectionate family dog. They also have, like many other breeds a fondness for anything that is remotely wet, dirty and often smelly. With this in mind the chance to test drive some shampoos from the Frontline pet range supplied by Animeddirect was a very welcome invitation. The first one we tried was the Frontline odour control shampoo which we used with Cockers Molly and Poppy.

Both of our girls are what could be described as ‘rollers’ and I’m sure this behaviour is very well known to dog owners everywhere. If you’re lucky enough never to have experienced this it’s the practice of rolling in pretty much anything and everything with the most rank odour always being preferable. Whilst I realise people may be eating whilst reading this review I’ll leave it there and just say that the odour control shampoo seemed a very good choice for these two.

The shampoo lathered well without being too much and the coverage was very good as it needed only a modest amount to fully cover the dogs. After a wait of around 5-8 minutes they were rinsed off, dried and we could see the results. The nose test was the first obvious sign of a successful product and to the obvious displeasure of Molly and Poppy they were very nicely odour free. The thing we really liked about this shampoo was that whilst the dogs smelt much better it wasn’t an overly perfumed fragrance that you often get with odour control products for dogs.

Next it was Baileys turn and whilst he is still your typical dirt attracting Cocker he has had some problems with itchy skin recently so we went with the Frontline sensitive skin shampoo. Again, the shampoo seemed to go a long way and lathered well to give Bailey a good covering. After rinsing and drying we had a very nice clean and shiny coated spaniel and whilst it would be impossible to give the shampoo full credit as we’ve been using other skin products, his itching has stopped and the redness had disappeared.

Both shampoos left their coats looking shiny and healthy and we have continued to keep them looking and smelling great with Frontline Daily Spritz which is a regular conditioning and deodorising spray. We now have three very clean and odour free Cocker spaniels which whilst very nice is as we all know just a temporary situation because to them it’s… on.

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