Itchy Dogs. Yeast or allergies?

Last year Monty seemed to be getting more and more problems with hotpspots and ear infections and to the extent that it was really affecting his everyday life and making him pretty miserable. Later in the year Bailey our Cocker Spaniel also developed a skin irritation and both he and Monty visited the vets as we attempted to get to the bottom of it. We had creams, antibiotics and also began to try other things from recommendations we had from a number of people.

Our vet was favouring allergies and we were thinking pretty much the same but there was a nagging about why it was only Monty and Bailey that were suffering. I then read an article online about how yeast infections are a massive side effect of antibiotics and that the natural balance of the gut is really supressed through taking them. Both Bailey and Monty had been on antibiotics so maybe that was the link.

Again a recommendation from somebody of a something they had used and found successful was a product called Bio-kult. This is in fact a human product which reintroduces the healthy bacteria to the gut and can aid the effects of antibiotics. At the same time somebody else recommended an ear treatment called Zymox and said this had really helped their dog. We started both treatments and although I realise this may be a coincidence both dogs have cleared up and touch wood both are happy healthy and itch free.

I can't swear these products worked or that it's an answer but the recommendations were very good and the more you read about a healthy gut the more you start thinking how many things can an imbalance cause? I've put a link in case anybody is interested and but I'd always say have a read up yourself and shop around for the best price. The Zymox is quite hard to track down in the UK but it is available if you shop around and I've put a pic to help you find the right one. I believe the 1% is important.


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