Cookie gets the Frontline treatment

Anybody who has ever had a Newfoundland will know that grooming is not only one of the most time consuming job but also one of the most important. As with all long coated breeds the importance of keeping on top of things is really key and so recently when we came across the long coat shampoo from the Frontline range of grooming products at animeddirect we were keen to give it a go. It has to be said that we were keener than Cookie our five year old Newfie who thinks the only time she should be getting wet is in muddy puddles, lakes or rivers. As you can see by the pictures the pamper session wasn’t top of her list that day but we were immediately impressed with how the shampoo got into the coat and it lathered really nicely. Anyone who knows Cookie will know that highly perfumed isn’t her usual odour and another feature we liked about the shampoo was that while it took away that dirty doggie smell it wasn’t over the top. All dog owners will be acutely aware that the nice smelling pup is only a temporary measure anyway so we were more keen to see how the shampoo was when we got down to the important matter of drying and brushing. Once again we were pleased with the results and while it lasted we had a sweet smelling tangle free girl and her face testifies to how delighted she was with the end result.

As part of her latest regime we also added the Frontline ear cleaner and eye cleaner and once again we have been pleased with the results. Cookie suffers like most dogs with the tear stains on her fur and the eye cleaner was a nice gentle, effective way of keeping that area nice and clean and fresh. The ear cleaner is a soothing gel cleaner that we have introduced as a part of her ear cleaning routine and this again can be a real issue with Newfoundlands. Overall we are pleased with the new products and they will definelty be items that we keep in the grooming cupboard as a part of our keep Cookie clean arsenal.

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