Westfield Primary School visit

On Tuesday this week we visited Westfield Primary School in Runcorn to share 'I'm not a Pandacow' with the children there. We started with an assembly for the whole school and we did a Q and A year group by year group and we had some fabulous questions. As is usual most of the children wanted to know more about Monty and they were enthralled to hear about this huge Newfoundland dog in the hall.

Following the assembly we visited each class and read an excerpt from the book, gave the children another chance to ask questions and the bit they all love the chance to get close and personal. Monty as always really enjoys this bit and is quite happy to be cuddled fussed and give kisses as is the Newfy way.

It doesn't matter how many of these visits we do, I never get tired of seeing the children's faces when they first see Monty and just how much love exists naturally between youngsters and dogs. Thank you Westfield for your welcome and hospitality we hope to come back again in the future.

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