Merlot is going to Crufties

As you know we will be reporting from Crufties again this year. We always enjoy the whole spectacle and it is an amazing event whether you're into the actual showing or not. This year we're more excited than usual because not only are we getting the chance to meet the hairy slug but she is actually entered. I know lots of you have followed Merlot's story from the very beginning and it certainly never started out as a very happy one. When we took her to her new home in Scottyland with Linn and Robin we knew with absolute certainty that she would have the very best of lives. Well we were right and again I know many of you have seen her grow and followed Linn's posts where she has even joked that Merlot is if 😂 It is just a rumour that we have moved and refused to give Linn our new address....🤫 The lovely thing at Crufties will be that Merlot will be handled by Dianne who was responsible for producing the Heffalump so really all of this is her fault.... Seriously we can't wait to see the hairy slug have a run round the NEC and it will be a very happy chapter in a story that we couldn't have even dreamt of at one point a few years ago.


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