Cookie goes to Cumbria

On Wednesday we were up in Cumbria at Blackford school. It was a very cold day and we had a 100 mile drive to get there but Cookie was very excited as it was only her second school and we were reading Monty and the Slobbernosserus to the children. Having been to the school previously with Monty last year we knew what a lovely welcome we would get and it was no different this time.

It was no surprise to me that Cookie behaved perfectly for the whole visit as she has so much affection for children and is always very calm and gentle around them. The book went down very well with the children with lots of laughter throughout. After the story came their favourite bit when they had the chance to come up and have slobbernosserus cuddles and it was a very enthusiastic end to our visit.

A lovely morning at the school was made even more worthwhile when we got some lovely feedback from Melanie the teacher who had organised the visit. Some boys totally independently had decided that evening to write their own stories so inspired were they by meeting Cookie, the star of a real book.

I know from talking to many teachers that trying to encourage children to read and write outside school is a real challenge and so it's lovely when you see what a positive impact we have when we visit with Monty and cookie.

Our sessions will always be free for schools because it's so important that schools and teachers are it's a lot of fun.


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