The growing problem of anxiety in dogs

It seems more and more dog owners are having issues with nervous and anxious pets and this has seen a rise in the products available to try and alleviate the symptoms. I have never tried any of these previously but recently our Cocker Spaniel Bailey has become quite distressed at certain events. He has always been what you might call ‘highly strung’ and I know a lot of other spaniel owners who would describe their dogs in a similar vein. The recent firework season seemed to have had a worse than usual effect on his anxiety and after a browse on the Animed direct website I ordered some.

My choice was driven mainly by a desire to offer a herbal remedy that wouldn’t make him drowsy as it was about trying to help his anxiety and not subdue him.

The dosage was listed as 1-2 tablets per 5kg daily and with Bailey being 15kgs we started him on three tablets daily and gave that a week to see if it had any effect. After the initial trial period we upped it very slightly to four tablets per day and that was where we stayed as that seemed to have the desired effect. Before the introduction of the tablets Bailey was very reluctant to even go into the garden as he had become scared when a particularly explosive firework went off as he was going to the toilet. After two weeks on the Scullcap and valerian tablets he had lost his inhibitions and he began to regain his confidence. They seemed to just give him a bit of a boost and that got him back into his normal mind frame and after a couple of months we gradually reduced the tablets and then stopped them all together.

Overall, I really felt that the introduction of the tablets really helped Bailey get over his nervous episode. This year I will be introducing Dorwest Scullcap and Valerain tablets before the firework season begins so that hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last years problems. It’s nice to know that due to their herbal nature we can offer this support for Bailey while not being concerned about the effect on him due to taking drugs.

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