Who's a good girl?.....not you Cookie, not you

Since Wendlesday when the heffalump went to the learning zoo all I've heard is 'Cookie was really good'....'Cookie was so well behaved'......'Cookie was so gentle wiv the mini hoomans'....gush gush gush nada nada nada.....Well not so gullyball hoomans we know the troof don't we? We know it's all an act and she is in fact a drool covered hairy mahoosive hoofed mammoth on speed. 'Such a good girl' my big hairy ars....k yourself this.....how come if she's so gentle and we'll behaved did she jump on my head last night when I was asleep? No reason she just jumped off the sofa onto me head....Then she just walked off like nuffin had happened. Well I know the real heffalump....and I'm watching you hairy hippo.....you'll slip up, and when you do I'll be there like a.....like a.....well like a newfydoof who's there when people slip up....


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