Poppy and the Furminator

The pleasure that dog owners get from their pets is indisputable and as a nation we spend a huge amount of time and money on our four-legged family members. One of the biggest area that seems a constant battle is grooming and as a five dog household this task is certainly up there as a very important one with us. We do use groomers fairly regularly but cost and time mean that we also have a pretty extensive grooming bag ourselves to keep on top of daily/weekly maintenance.

We have been doing some research on the Furminator and after reading quite a few reviews we decided to give it a go with our Cocker Spaniels. We decided to go with the medium short haired tool after reading the usage guidelines on Animed Direct. As always it was very competitively priced and we knew we could rely on the delivery speed after having goods from them many times before.

Poppy was the first ‘volunteer’ and we were keen firstly to see if she was bothered at all by using it on her as it obviously contains a blade. We needn’t have worried as she just reacted as if she was being brushed….wriggly and impatient, well she is a spaniel after all.

The Furminator claims to reduce shedding by gently removing loose hairs from the undercoat and whilst the reduction of shedding will need longer to verify it certainly did the job of removing hair from underneath the top coat whilst not affecting the look of her.

Overall, we were very pleased with the results and we will certainly be adding it to the grooming bag as a regular tool in the maintenance of the spaniels.

For more information on the product reviewed here simply visit www.animeddirect.co.uk. Animed Direct are one of the UK’s leading online pet retailers, offering savings of up to 50% on vet priced medication, food, treats and accessories.


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