Our visit to St James CofE Primary school

On Thursday we travelled to Wardle near Rochdale for our latest school visit and Monty was certainly excited as he was waiting at the front door from 6.30am. We started with an assembly and this was totally taken up by a question and answer session, with the children coming up with some really great questions.

One I've never had before was if I was a dog what type would I be? I had to say Newfoundland really didn't I? I did say I think I'd be like Monty because we're both quite lazy.

After the assembly we visited the classes, I read the book and we had more questions. After that it was the most important part for the children, actually coming up and stroking Monty.

As always he was amazing and loved all of the attention and I think he gets more relaxed with every school he visits.

He is such a character though and will regularly get up mid story and go and 'kiss' all of the children on the front row. You can imagine their reaction and the story is regularly interrupted by squealing and laughing.

It was very evident after a short while at the school that a lot of work went into making the learning environment very relaxed and enjoyable and certainly showed in the children.

Enjoying books and reading is obviously a big part of the school ethos and after we had signed and dedicated the books we found out that a quarter of the children had bought a book which is pretty amazing.

Hopefully meeting Monty will bring the story to life and encourage them to continue their reading outside of school which is certainly the aim of these free sessions for schools.


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