It's a tough life for me

I always let the heffalump and spangles know how tough it is for me. While they're going on their licckle walks and relaxing at home I'm out working hard wiv dad in the learning zoo's. Take yesterday for instance....I was at St Oswald's learning zoo all day. We were in the hall and the mini hoomans all came in to listen to the story. I had to roll over on me back so they could all give me tummy rubs. At lunch time I went out for a run on the field which was open just for me. Then I went back in and got pieces turkey from the cook and then it was back to more tummy rubs. I finished off with some kisses for the lady learning zoo wardens and then I had to go home for a rest.....Yep it's a tough old life....they don't know they're born them four.


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