It's blowing a gale.....beware flying slobber

Walking wiv the heffalump is never a pleasant thing. She's usually trying to wee on me head or dive across me to squash passing small doglets into the pavement. During the walk her drool will grow till it touches the floor. This usually means she gets it on her feet or she shakes which generally wraps it round her own face. Last week was diffyrent though.....the storm force winds meant man nor beast was safe from the spraying slobbernosserus. 50 mile an hour winds took great strands of doofygunk and coated passing seagulls, mini hoomans and old ladies waiting at bus stops. Emergency services were called to release Doris 75 who had just popped out for a loaf but spent two days glued to railings outside the co-op.......Wigwamers can breath easy again the winds have dropped and the hairy hippo will go back to coating herself.....


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