My Ball...all MINE

Dad met the very nice people from Dorwest while we as at Crufties and while he was talking the hooman gave me a ball 'to play with'....As he dropped it dad said 'he doesn't really play with balls'......At this point the hooman said 'Ah I'll put it away then' Dad said 'he doesn't really play with balls but he doesn't really give them back either' The hooman smiled as he reached down for it but he wasn't smiling when I moved me head quickly and put me nose on the ball.....I didn't move me head but looked up at him and that passed the message on quite well and he moved his hand away and didn't try that again. Sorry nice hooman but the vetandhairyman once took some away from me when I was asleep and that's never gonna happen again.....So here it is.....not to be chewed, or chased or played with......just MINE...

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