Possibly Monty's favourite Crufts stand

A few weeks before Crufts Monty and Cookie had ran out of their nightly Whitefish and seaweed burgers that we order from Sea treats up in Grimsby. Bad management on my part I must admit but I thought as we were heading to the show it was a great opportunity to visit their stand and introduce Monty. Those few weeks meant two very sulky Newfys every evening as they were missing their fishy treats.

There aren't many snacks that last them more than a couple of seconds but the burgers are noisily and hungrily crunched on for several minutes and very much enjoyed.

With this in mind Monty literally dragged me to the Sea treats stand as soon as the aroma hit his nostrils and we spent a good time there picking up supplies not only for Monty and Cookie but some smaller fishcake bites for the three spaniels. We once again have happy dogs and 'treat time' is anticipated with plenty of wagging tails and drooly mouths.

For more information visit their website at https://seatreats.co.uk/


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