I'm such a busy doggie

So this week me licckle hooman fwends I've been a busy boy....again. Not only do I have keep up an exhaustalating regimey of exercise every day.....yes every day, but I also have many uvver tasks.

For instance I am also senior pipsqueak face snack debris remover. Not only that but I am team leader of the barkingatbonkingpigeons group. They sit on the fence or in the trees and they have no shame....We have mini hoomans in the house and we need to make sure their licckle eyes are protectalated from this smut. Then if that's not enough I am kept busy wiv me day job making sure that dad behaves himself in the learning zoo's.....it's not an easy job but someone has to do it.

I have now heard I'm not a flippin Pandacow about 300 sqwillion times and the mini hoomans wonder why I fall asleep as soon as we get there.....have you ever heard him talking?......on and on and on. The upside is that there is usually food to be had somewhere.....The four main areas are lunchbags, dinner ladies (I always give them extra bum waggles) classroom bins and mini hoomans faces.

This week we did two schools and the fust one had some baby ducklings in the classroom....they kept running round the cage squeaking but I was a really good boy and didn't even try and suck on one a licckle bit. This was in the nursery class and these are me favvyreets cos they always drop food everywhere.

The second one was for the children who have problems and aren't going to the normal learning zoo's. Dad was a bit nervous cos he wanted to see how I'd be cos it was a bit new. He's silly cos we know stuff you hoomans will never understand and I knew what those mini hoomans needed......newfydoof love.....simples. They were all lovely and even though a few was banging and shouting sometimes they all wanted cuddles. Monty cuddles makes everything ok.....

So see how busy I am......like I say I'm not one to complain......but

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