Monty and Cookie try some new treats

We get a lot of companies contact us to do product reviews and endorse different dog food, treats and accessories. Although some of this is very useful we have a two rules. We will only review products that we feel are decent and we'll always be honest. Recently we were contacted by True leaf pet who are introducing their hemp based products to the UK and asked if we'd be interested in giving them a go. Well the question aimed at the dogs would always be a 'yes' but obviously we want anything to be good for them and hopefully beneficial. This week we received the treats and during April we'll be testing them out and seeing how they take to them. They certainly seem to be bringing something different to the market and it will be interesting to see how he dogs like them and also potential benefits. Probably the easiest thing for anyone wanting to know more is to visit where there is a lot more information. Later this month we'll be running a competition where you can win some products so keep an eye out for that and in the mean time we'll keep you updated on how the dogs do with their new treats.


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