I love chickens....just couldn't eat a whole one

I was back in school again on Monday after the two weeks the mini hoomans had off to eat chocolate eggs. We did an assembly and I had a sleep until dad finished the story and they all clapped....me.....obviously. I stand up and take the applause cos it would be rood not to.

At the end we went into nursery which is where the mini mini hoomans are kept. They talk through the story, poke each other stare into space most of the time but this also a good place to find food as they usually throw it everywhere.

Pickings were a bit slim wiv some apple and a few crusts of toast but food is food.

At the end dad was talking to them about when I was a pupster and he told the story of when I was bullied by the clucky devil birds until one day I grewed and picked one up and slobbered all over it and then walked into the house wiv it.

Well the tiny hoomans all looked a bit scared at this point but I don't know why cos feathery face survived ok, just got a bit gooey. It was only when the teacher said they had spent the morning looking after the baby chicks they'd reared that I realised why they was looking at me like that.....oops....happy nightmares shorties....happy nightmares.....

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