Hot, Hot, Hot

I know this is very hard to believe but the sun actually came out yesterday in Wigwam. It's not something that visits very often but it was really hot all day. I love sunny days cos if it gets really warm we get let off a walk and so yesterday it seemed like a day of snoozing was on the cards.

Little did I know that mum had decided to take the opportunity of a rest day to do some....grooming. Well after walking me least favvyreet fing is having a haircut and being brushed. The heffalump went first and I was hoping she was going to be really norty and mum would be fed up by the time she got to me and maybe just give up.

No such luck though cos she was missy good girl and so mum was raring to go by the time she got to me and an hour later I had been brushed, trimmed, raked and brushed to within an inch of me skin. Even after this hair raising abuse I still wasn't allowed to rest cos dad then and went to get the pool out. Now you need to know that when water becomes involved the hairy hippo turns from bouncy brown destroyer to rocket fuelled spring legged low flying slobberbeast.....

Her favvyreet thing is running at full speed and landing in the pool when I'm in there and then trying to dig me feet up wiv her mahoosive furry paddles. Then when I get out she comes and jumps on me until I play back. The only bit I really enjoyed is when she decided dad's shoe needed to be retrieved from underwater and then also decided that he was just too dry....mum by this point had disappeared....clever mum...

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