The most popular dogs by google search....mmm

You may or may not be interested in a recent study of popular dog breeds by how many times they were searched in google. Ok I can hear you thinking 'what's great about that?' Well whether we like it or not we live in age where everything is, so why not choosing a dog? Ok I'm sure a lot of these are simple searches for the biggest, fastest or cutest dog (BTW I have 2 out of 3 in that search) But many are people doing their research to find the ideal dog to suit their family or circumstances.

Why am I interested? Well I think it's a great lesson for breed clubs, kennel clubs or rescue organisations to see how people access information and I really feel they need to buy into this and be the educators and leaders. I believe the alternative is that savvy puppy farms or unscrupulous breeders with good IT skills will be the folk that influence the next generation of dog owners and that has to be a negative thing.

Anyway here's the geeky stuff.....There's lot of info.

'According to recent research, dogs were domesticated by humans almost 30,000 years ago! But it was around 20,000 years later that the modern bond we see today truly began, with our furry friends starting to appear in our artwork and even burial grounds. It’s a rich friendship literally built over thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that our love of dogs runs deep. There’s even scientific evidence to prove it! A study led by Nagasawa found that a hormone called oxytocin is released in both human and dog when they gaze into each other’s eyes. That’s the same hormone that’s released when two emotionally connected people look at each other. Basically proving that we love our dogs like family, and they love us back.

Considering our long history and deep bond, it’s no surprise that dogs are one of the world’s favourite pets. However, whilst dogs as a whole have always been popular human companions, certain breeds have seen dips and peaks in popularity over the years. Whether it’s the working breeds of the late 1800’s or the smaller (and probably lazier!) fashionable dogs of today, it seems there’s always a breed in the lead, but which ones are currently ruling the web?

Well, Protectivity wanted to find out! So, armed with a list of almost 200 different dog breeds, they analysed Google’s search volume data for countries across Europe, and some of the results may surprise you…

The top dog, and most Googled breed across Europe, is the Cane Corso. This large Italian Mastiff can weigh over 7st and is known for being a highly intelligent and very family-orientated breed. Cane Corso roughly translates from Latin as “bodyguard dog”, which is no surprise considering the breed’s large frame! According to AKC, the Cane Corso has gained popularity over the last few years, rising 13 places in their Most Popular Dog Breed Ranking List since 2013. It’s the most searched for breed in 12 countries including the likes of France, Luxembourg and Latvia.

Europe’s second most searched for breed, topping the list in 10 different countries, is the Rottweiler. This classic, well-known breed is believed to have descended from dogs used by the Romans as they marched through Europe. They are known for being intelligent, strong and loyal dogs which is probably why they’re so popular. The Rottweiler is an online favourite in countries like the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland

A less surprising entrant in third place is the Pug, which is the most searched for breed in eight different countries across Europe including Russia, Turkey and Portugal. You could say the Pug is currently at its peak in terms of popularity with Pug themed products available all over the place! You can get ‘Pug’ pretty much anything from pyjamas to handbags and even phone cases. We’re clearly obsessed with those little scrunched up faces!

Talking of little scrunched up faces… the most Googled dog breed in the UK is the fashionable French Bulldog. This characterful breed fails to appear anywhere else across Europe, but is also the most search for breed in the US. The French Bulldog, despite its name, actually originated in England and only became known as the French Bulldog in the late 19th and 20th centuries after gaining popularly with Paris’ bohemian class. Today, the breed makes for a great city pet, known for needing little dog walking and having a quiet demeanour.

So, overall all it's the mighty Cane Corso that takes the lead in Europe, but whether your favourite breed is a Labrador, a Collie or Pit Bull, we can certainly all agree that dogs as a whole are just great and we couldn’t live without them!

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