Monty and the staff room....oops hooge dog alert

So today I had a lovely morning at Delph Primary school in Old Ham land which is in the middle of some mahoosive hills but it's very nice. We got over early and dad took me for a walk down by the river and I met a girlie retriever and a boxerer who wanted me to play wiv her tennis ball. As you know I don't do the playing stuff and even though she kept dropping it in front of me and wagging her body I was more keen on sniffing the trees and leaving messages for the local lads.....Monty was ere.....reach that short stuffs

Then we was back at the school for signing books after we did the assembly and stuff last week. There was so many mini hoomans who wanted a book that I thought all my fur and tongue would get worn out. Now they put us outside the learning zoo warden room or the staff room as they call it. I don't care what it's called cos one fing I know is that's where the biscuits cakes and sammiches are kept and them teachereys never stop eating. Well I wasn't allowed in cos they was having a meeting...or an eating cos I could smell it from outside the door. I decided I'd go to sleep....or did I?

Dad was busy signing books and talking loads and so he dropped me lead...haha schoolboy error dad....well what's a newfydoof to do? Suddenly I made a run for it and I'm pretty fast when food is about, well faster than dad, he's no sprinter either is he. By the time he caught me I had scattered the hoomans all over the room as they grabbed their lunch before the hooge doggie devoured it.....I did get a foo bits that had got dropped in their haste and I also managed to coat a couple with montylurvdribble....Whoopsie....who's a bad boy then?....face bovvered?....Nah


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