The Slobbernosserus at St Pauls

Cookie attended only her third school when she was at St Paul CE Primary School on Friday. Monty had visited a couple of months ago and the school were very keen to have Cookie come in so the children could hear 'Monty and the Slobbernosserus'.

It was pretty evident as soon as she got out of the car that it was going to be a hit as children and parents appeared from everywhere to say hello. This was Cookie heaven as she wafted everyone with her huge enthusiastic tail and gave some of the children an early example of why she was nicknamed the Slobbernosserus.

Once inside the school her excitement never diminished as she greeted everyone who wanted to say hello and eagerly awaited the next admirer. The children came in to hear the story by age group starting with reception and finishing two and half hours later when year six rounded our visit off.

As usual there were lots and lots of questions about Cookie, Newfoundland's in general or what it's like to write books. As is also usual the questions were great and as only children can ask them, honestly and with total innocence. The one we always get is 'can we stroke her?'

This is one the dogs are always happy to answer and at the end of each session the children lined up for a newfy kiss and cuddle. Cookie was amazing and loved all of the attention. She also helped a young girl who was nervous actually get the courage to actually stroke a massive dog for the first time.

A really nice visit to a lovely school where we are always made really welcome and a big success for Cookie in the early days of her career as a school visit dog.

Our visits are free for schools and very flexible. If you are a parent or teacher who think your school would enjoy this just contact for an informal chat and more info.


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