The Spangles get the munchies

When doing a review about treats with our dogs there is one main challenge. That is that I usually know that whatever the treat offered to them they will like them. Our dogs are so unfussy it's untrue, and so trying to gauge how good a treat product is becomes a bit of challenge to say the least. You ideally want some level of discrimination when setting up a review not for the product to disappear without so much as a trace.

That said it is possible to see when the dogs really like something because the noses go crazy as soon as the packet is opened and they continue to look for more long after the treats are put away. We also have a very strict rule when giving our dogs any titbits and that is that they have to be good for them and full of natural products.

We were very happy that the Pet Munchies that we received from Animed Direct ticked the boxes, and the variety of flavours looked really great. I was sure that the dogs would be very willing to test these tasty looking morsels. These treats are gourmet dental sticks, packed with goodies and grain and gluten free. They promote dental hygiene, due to the rough shape and their chewiness.

We decided that the spangles should be the recipients and they were certainly very very excited when we produced the packs and it proved almost impossible to get a nice picture of them with the Pet Munchies and the out-take picture shows the difficulties that we had. They started with Duck & Sweet potato, moved onto Chicken and Calcium, Chicken strips and then the Chicken and Calcium bone. All of these disappeared without a trace within seconds. I have to admit that I didn't feel I was doing a great review and so decided to try a friend's two dogs who are, how can I say this? Very discerning in what they eat. They also loved them and the treats got the same vanishing treatment, so I feel happier now reporting on a positive outcome.

You know that they enjoyed the treats as we've already gone through that but even on the spangle scale of constant enthusiasm this was a 10. It's fair to say that they loved them and the great thing for us watching them devour treat after treat was that these were great for them and that for us is everything.

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