Making space in the Newfmobile for our road trip.

With our holiday starting tomorrow, today is very much about getting everything ready for a week away. A very obvious issue is how to carry two big dogs, two adults and everything we need for being away from home for an extended period.

Anybody that has ever owned a giant breed or multiple dogs will have, I'm sure at some point gone through the issue of transportation.

Many go down the route of a van and it's something we have mulled over for quite a while. Unfortunately though we are just unable to run two vehicles and we do so many miles either travelling to schools or maintaining our caravan that it just didn't stack up financially.

The option for us after going through four vehicles since Monty arrived is a Citroen Berlingo. We have found this gives us flexible space along with good fuel economy and that all important height in the back.

We have been really pleased with this as all round workhorse but this will be sorely challenged tomorrow as we set out on a 180 mile journey with bags, supplies and 20 stone of dogs in the rear.

The pictures show how much space is given up to Monty and Cookie and what we have left to pack everything else....I hope Dawn is reading this as she gets her clothes ready....Now where I can I make some more room?

Wish us luck....or rather our long suffering suspension.


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