On our way...well almost

Finally after what seemed like hours of fitting everything into the car we set off for our holiday in Wales with Monty and Cookie. We were just feeling pleased with ourselves for managing to remember everything when I realised I'd left my walking shoes behind. Not the best thing to be missing when you're in the beautiful countryside with two dogs. Anyway no harm done we were only five minutes up the road so we turned round and set off again, this time with everything on board.

After getting off the M6 we were almost at the turn off on the M56 when the phone rang. It was our daughter and she had just realised that we had forgotten something fairly important....Monty and Cookies food bowls and stands. Maybe not so big a deal you'd think but we are paranoid newfy parents who have raised anti gobble food bowls, and although other may disagree that's what we've always done and we're not about to change now.

This time the missing luggage was a little more inconvenient as we were 30 miles from home so the turnaround would add an extra 60 miles and an hour to the journey. Once back we got the dogs out, as it seemed unfair to just carry on, so we thought we'd let them stretch their legs. Cookie happily jumped out and ran back into the house delighted at her 'holiday' and glad to be home. Monty though was most reluctant to leave the car as he definitely smelt a rat and obviously thought this was a ploy to leave them behind. We had a coffee to give them a chance to relax but Monty just lay across the front door staring at us, determined not to miss his second trip of the day in the car.

An hour after originally leaving we once more headed towards Wales with everything and everyone hopefully on board this time....


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