A tough week for me

I has been worked harder than the hardest working doglet on national hard working doglet week over the past few days. I have been to three learning zoo's this week....yep three, can you believe it? I have been cuddled, stroked and given treats all week so I'm just glad it's the fing you hoomans call the weak end.

In one at the beginning of the week a little hooman boy came up to see me as he was having a bad day and was sad. The teacher asked if he could have a cuddle to cheer him up...yep no problem as long as you don't mess the fur up sonny cos it takes a lot of work to look this good.

Anyways after a minute the teachery lady says 'Phew I think the dog has let one off...that's very stinky'.....I was just about to do an indignant sigh when the little mini hooman said 'No miss, that was me'.....Well let me tell you short stuff that what you've just done is a real life schoolboy error. All hooman males know that if there is ever a smell you always blame the dog.....or is that just dad?.....After all the hard work it's time now to get back to me normal position....that'll be snoozing then....


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