Phew....that was a week, that was

Well this week has certainly been a busy one. Today is the official release of the third book in the Monty series, 'Monty and the Poppit dragon'. Although it's available from today to purchase online worldwide I ordered my 300 pre sale books two weeks ago and they arrived last Friday.

This meant that Monday I began the task of signing, dedicating and posting the books out to everyone who had put in their order weeks ago. As ever Monty and Cookie have been very little help and I have had to even do their 'Pawtagraphs' for them.

We have managed to get around 150 books sent out this week to the UK, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. So far feedback for the new book has been very positive and hopefully over the coming days we will see more reviews appear on the website and Amazon.

Not only have we been busy with the new book but there have also been three school visits this week. On Tuesday we were at Burscough Village Primary and we had a great time visiting the classes and reading to the children. Wednesday saw us in St Francis of Assisi Primary in Skelmersdale where we did an assembly followed by reading to the years groups and plenty of question and answer sessions.

Today we visited St Marks Primary here in Wigan and had two lovely assemblies where I read I'm not a Pandacow and then spent a very enjoyable time answering some excellent questions about being an author or Monty.

As always Monty was fantastic and eagerly greeted children and staff alike and certainly made himself a lot of new friends.

A great week and very enjoyable all round.


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