It's the Learning Zoo snollydays for Monty Dogge

Well that's it I did me last learning zoo today before the summer so now I'm on me snollydays till September. They give me an air conditioned room today so I could snooze gently while dad read the story. On Friday we did two learning zoo's, the one at St Dogmaels was a whales speaking one. Dad had practised and when he said Bora Da I was almost impressed.....It was then I realised that was the only word he'd learnt and so it was all downhill from then on.

Luckily the mini hoomans were clevererererer than dad and could speak two languages and so knew what he was talking about sadly for them.

After that we went to meet a lovely group of mini hoomans in Abbawhichwhich. They used to call these special schools and I know why cos they is all so special. We had a lovely time and they loved saying hello to me and there was lots of very beautiful smiles and laffs.

At the end they had got us a pressie for coming.....Dad had a box of gravy bones and I got loads of bottles of the falling over beer.....yum yum. I may have one later while I'm watching dad cry at the footyball....that's it paws up and chill for a foo months....


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