Isla Smiler - You made the world a better place

So this week we had the incredibly sad news that beautiful little Isla smiler had passed. It shouldn't have been a shock but it was. We, like thousands of others had followed her story with smiles and tears and it became such a daily part of life to see her beautiful smile lighting up our newsfeeds.

We were very lucky to have met Isla earlier this year and I thought I'd share our happy memory. We were contacted initially by a mutual friend who told me the background and asked if we could do something to help mum and dad who were trying to give Isla as many happy experiences as possible. I write childrens books featuring Monty and Cookie our two lovable Newfoundland's and it seemed the obvious thing to do was send down some books for Isla. After chatting to Katherine though it was decided we could bring Monty and Cookie down for a visit and read the stories in person.

I have to be honest and say that Dawn and I were nervous as we drove down. We were going down to meet a little girl and family who were going through the worst possible experience imaginable and we just hoped we could find the right words to say. What followed was an amazing experience that blew away any trepidation we may have felt. Immediately we were aware of the huge amount of love, happiness and positivity from the family and friends who were surrounding Isla.

We had a truly lovely time meeting Isla and family and it is one which will stay with me forever. Monty and Cookie behaved, we read stories and added some gifts to the amazing amount she had received from so many well wishers. It just showed her wonderful character and spirit that when Dawn pronounced her name wrong, she very firmly but kindly corrected her. More than anything though we saw that beautiful smile and it's that, that I will never forget.

Before we left I promised Isla she would have the first copy of the new book when it was out and even as I said it I hoped so much that it would happen. She did have the first book and although a very small thing I added a dedication in the front of the book. It said that not many people could make the world a better place but that she had.

I wanted something to be read by everyone who ever picks the book up because it is the truth. She was and still is incredibly special and has touched the hearts of so many people.

She has created a legacy that will last, Isla smiler you certainly made the world a better place. #isalstones


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