Keeping Monty moving with YuMOVE

Monty has never been a big mover. Don't get me wrong he'll have a trot on the beach or in the park but generally he's happiest when he's laying with his legs in the air, snoring. That being said when he was diagnosed with a tear on his abductor muscle a few years ago it certainly impacted on his quality of life. Giant breeds can really suffer with joint and muscle issues and Monty's problem came from the 'splits' effect that can often happen when getting up from a floor with a slippery or shiny surface.

We have tried as best as possible to limit his exposure to these type of floors, but as time has gone on it's pretty clear that he has aches and pains in his joints generally. Because of this we have spent a lot of time looking at supplements that might aid his movement and limit his discomfort.

After researching, and trying quite a few products we ordered some YuMOVE from Animed Direct and started Monty on the daily recommend dose. I never like to over exaggerate products but it's very hard to be anything but enthusiastic about the results YuMOVE has had on Monty. Within weeks of starting him on the tablets there was visible increase in his mobility and the occasional limp he had from the muscle injury has never returned.

I began by saying that he isn't particularly active but though he may not be the most of athletic of dogs he certainly has a very full doggydiary. During term times he can visit up to three schools a week helping hundreds of children to read through our story times. He is also invited to many shows, charity events and festivals throughout the year with Crufts, the Edinburgh Fringe and the inaugural Dog Lovers Show in Glasgow just to name a few. Next month Monty will be at the Pet Show 2018 in Stafford meeting and greeting hundreds of his fans and followers and none of this would be possible without a very good supplement and YuMOVE has certainly worked for the big fella of that I have no doubt.

We were lucky enough to meet up with Lintbells at Crufts this year and spoke at length about the research and development of the product, particularly the Green Lipped Mussel found in the waters of New Zealand. I'd recommend having a look at their website to see more about the background and benefits of YuMOVE.

I certainly hope that Monty will continue his amazing work and the wonderful effect he has on those he meets for many years to come. Since starting him on a regular dose of YuMOVE I truly believe he will.

For more information about ordering YuMOVE or hundreds more products for your pet at great value, visit Animed Direct.


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