I do love worming day

Today was worming day. I actually enjoy worming day as silly as it sounds, cos it does give me a giggle. The funny fing is dad's efforts to give everyone their tablets but the most fun is him giving them to me. Well he has this plan and it's always the same....Wrap the nasty tablets in something yummy and fool the silly doglets.

The heffalump of course eats the meaty treat wivout it even touching sides and doesn't even realise what is going on. Then it's the spangles and they're even sillier. They will the tablets of deathtoworms wivout even needing a treat. Molly knocked hers out of dad's hand ate the treat then scoffed the medicine before anyone else could.....silly spangles.

Then it's me.....ha ha.....The hooman finks that he is soooo clever and wrapped me tablets in three tasty parcels of yummy ham. Yep....1.....2.....3.....all gone. Then it's just a case of swallowing the ham and spitting the nasty fings on the floor. It's now when he starts getting all flustercated and letting me hear all those words he saves for special occasions. Round 2. This time it's a luvvly dollop of our yoghurt. Lap lap...slurp slurp....spit spit :)

Now after more funny words and a really red face we always get to this bit....tablets straight down me throat and then rub under me chin. Shove....shove.....rub....rub....wait.......wait....he's going....spit spit.....ahhh I do enjoy this game it's sooo hilaryarse. Ok in the end he gets them where they're meant to go but that's good cos we have to have our wormers don't we?.....Nuffin wrong wiv a bit of fun along the way though is there?

I wonder what he'll try next?


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