Monty and Cookie love their Fishy treats

Every night at nine O'clock something wonderful happens. Yes it's time for our evening treat. The trouble is that by eight, Cookie aka the hairy hippo has turned into a slobbering bouncing ball of expectation. Now I love our snacks but I do have the ability to control myself where as drooly Julie is fast creating a pool of newfygoo that could almost drown a cockeyed spangle.

So what is the reason for all this excitement? Well these aren't just ordinary, these are Whitefish Jerky & Irish Seaweed Burgers from Sea treats. These are without any question at all our favreetist, bestest yummiest snack ever.

Now the hoomans at Sea Treats will say that these are, 'A premium fish skin treat, with organic hand-harvested Irish seaweed. These are a fantastic treat for larger dogs, giving a big crunch great for dental hygiene!'

That may well be the case but I don't really care about all that stuff....I just love the taste of them and they are really crunchy and actually last three or four minutes....well for me anyway.

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