Indoor pool newfydoof style

Now, today me licckle hooman beans I have another tip from Monty king DIY doof. This time we have a very simple project as the heatwave continues and this the creation of your very own indoor pool.

This comes in very handy at this time of the year and it's great for paddling, sliding into a sitting position effortlessly, or even a small swimming pool for short legged doglets.

The construction is easy.

1.You will need a hooge sleeping Pandacow in the back garden. 2. Order summat from Amazon to be delivered when nobody is expecting it. 3. Put freshly filled water bowl on stand directly between sleeping Pandacow and front door. 4. Get delivery person to knock the door as loud as possible

The pool will then be created as if by magic....You're welcome. More tips next week.


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