My first radio appearance

On Sunday I was very lucky to be invited to my first ever radio station. I can hear you saying how can a hooge newfydoof, however talented, talk on the radio? Well this is obviously why we have hoomans and so I had dad come along to do the talking while I got all the fusses and had a lovely snooze while he waffled.

I was featured on Chorley FM with the very nice hooman lady Nicola Adam. Unfortunately it turns out she was allergic to me and I managed to turn her red, blotchy and itchy within minutes of my arrival. Apart from that it was great and it turns out I wasn't allergic to her at all. I'm still not totally convinced it was me cos people have odd reactions when they're in the same room as dad so it's all a bit of a coincidence really.

Anyway you can read more about my appearance here.

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