A fun weekend at the Pet Show

We spent the whole weekend at the Pet Show in Stafford which was good fun. We met lots of new fwends and old but sadly we couldn't do any storytime's cos they only gave us a space about as big as Bailey's IQ and not big enough to swing a mini hooman and I did try. The funniest bit was when dad noticed a doglet walking past following a group of lassie asbo's which looked a lot like the heffalump.

He noticed that it even had the same colour headcollar and was slobbering all over the terrified looking short legged pups. It was at that point that poobag realised it WAS Cookie and dad had dropped lead while he was chatting which is what he did all day. By this time they were having a nervous breakdown cos they were sure this slobbernosserus was about to eat them one by one so when the hairy hippo was grabbed they were very grateful.

I then had a clumsy spangle that was saying hello to me when it tried to get underneath me to have a sniff but I didn't fancy that so I moved.....it tired again.....I moved again.....when it tried one more time I wasn't happy but dad had me held by the headcollar so I had no choice....It was a right hook that finally persuaded it to leave me alone but don't worry it was fine once it had got back to it's feet.....never made a spangle fly before but I have to say it was a lot of fun.....

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