Monty at the Dog Lovers Show

We’re going on a trip and I’m really excited

It’s a fantastic new event, we’ve been especially invited

We’ll be there for two days so we’re having to stay

That’s a clue where it is, cos it’s quite a long way

When deciding to go it was dad said we oughta

Was that mainly because of the falling down water?

And if it was needed, here’s one final clue

The hoomans up there say ‘Look there’s Pandacoo’

Yes, we’re going to Scottyland, and I really can’t wait

It’s my favourite place and where we’re going sounds great

We’ll be there for two days in a place called Glasgow

And I’ll be one of the stars of the Dog Lover show

It’s the very first one and we’re really quite proud

Let’s hope that my stories will attract a big crowd

Dad’s doing the reading, sure to be an event

Especially when they hear his Scottyish accent

So please come along it’s a show not to miss

And I guarantee you’ll get a newfydoof kiss

It’s September the 8th and the 9th write it down

Cos that is the date Monty Dogge is in town

If you need more persuading I do pawtagraphs too

And a nice dedication in my book just for you

So, tell all your friends it’s the best place to go

It’s new and fantastic….it’s the Dog Lover Show

Just think after you’ve been you can say that you’ve met,

The mahoosive and handsome poet Newfiette




©  2017 Monty Dogge created and copyrighted